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Woodland Lumber is your one-stop shop for lumber, insulation, insulated concrete forms (ICFs), drywall, electrical & plumbing, and all the hardware and tools you'll need. We have included a a range of the brands we carry instock. For your reference and convenience, we've linked to their websites.

We also carry engineered floor & roof trusses from Edson Truss. 

New Builds 

Building new? We have hundreds of home and cottage plans available online (see thousands of home, cottage, cabin, and garage plans). Let us know the model # and we'll be pleased to send you an estimate.


Is your home or cottage leaking energy savings? Are you hot in the summer and cold in the winter? Unsure if you need to replace your insulation?

According to the Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation, common signs of insulation problems are: 

In the winter

  • walls cold to touch
  • cold floors
  • high heating costs
  • uneven heating levels within building
  • mould growing on walls

In the summer

  • uncomfortably hot inside air
  • high cooling costs
  • ineffectiveness of air conditioning system
  • mould growing in basement
Type Material Uses
Blanket/Batt Fiberglass, mineral (rock or slag) wool, plastic fibers and natural fibers Unfinished walls, foundation walls, floors and ceilings. DIY friendly. 
Foam Board/ Rigid Foam Poly blends Unfinished walls and foundation walls, floors and ceilings and unvented low-slope roofs 
Blown-In Cellulose, fiberglass and mineral wool Existing and new wall openings, unfinished attic floors and other hard-to-reach places 
Sprayed Foam Polyurethane Existing and new wall openings, unfinished attic floors and other hard-to-reach places 


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