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Sometimes all that's needed to change the look of a room is the attention to detail. We serve the professional contractor as well as do-it-yourselfers and home/cottage owners. We offer the know-how, quality materials, and all the tools you need to complete the job. Lighting can set the mood in any room. Let us light up your life!

Colour complements your decor. If you have decided that it's time to bring new colours into your life, visit our store for inspiration. We carry a full line of Valspar & Sico paints and can mix or match any colour. We offer a colour matching system, colour scheme suggestions, and all the paint accessories you will need.

Paint Colour Mood/Feeling Rooms To Use In
Red Raises energy levels, stimulates appetite, creates gathering and conversation. Living room, dining room and entries. NOT ideal for bedrooms or places of relaxation.
Yellow Happiness and warmth, can cause irritation or frustration.  Use sparingly or in small spaces, hallways or entries. NOT ideal for baby rooms or bedrooms. 
Blue Relaxation, calming and inspires creativity. Add warmer acccent colours. Light shades feel cold and dark, blue feels sad. Bedrooms, bathrooms and office spaces. 
Green Relaxation and refreshing, can also help with fertility. Great for any room. Pay attention to shade, don't overwhelm with colour. 

Purple Dark shades are luxurious, dramatic and sophisticated. Light purples are restful, relaxing and warm.  Accent colours or bedrooms. 
Orange Energy, excitement and enthusiasm.  Home gym or exercise room. NOT ideal for bedrooms or living room.
Neutrals Earthy, elegance and cleanliness. Ideal for all rooms. Add accent colours to ensure not too bland. 


If decorative finishing techniques are in your plans, consider interior wall panellings or mouldings, they are a fashionable, low maintenance alternative for your walls, and can add warmth and character to any room. It's easy to install, paintable and competitively priced. We carry wainscotting, pine boards, cedar panels and panellings.

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